Tower Press Development Launches 2320 Lofts in the Campus District

The top floor of 2320 Lofts features unique high ceilings and floor plans. One to four bedroom units are being laid out in the space. Photo by Dan Morgan.

2320 Lofts, a new project by Tower Press Develpment, is located at 2320 Superior Avenue - just down the road from Tower Press, the company's flagship project.  Karen Perkowski of Tower Press Development sent me an e-mail last week: “There will probably be lots of work coming up for you due to the tremendous progress at 2320.” 

I have enjoyed photographing unique properties offered by this developer for many years, even before I moved to New York in 1997. Dave Perkowski of Tower Press hired me to photograph homes in Tremont he had recently renovated during Tremont’s days of tremendous resurgence. Since then, I have photographed Warehouse District condos in the Erie Building Apartments, Tower Press and Hyacinth Lofts as well as commercial properties in these buildings. The Bloch Building, home to Aspire Auctions and several other good sized companies, was also recently renovated in the adjoining building. The Bloch Building has focused on commercial spaces only so far.

The challenge presented to me as an artist was to help the Perkowskis promote this brand new housing to CSU’s growing student population, before any of the actual apartments are even ready for occupancy. The Perkowskis hired me to create marketing materials for CSU's Homecoming this year prior to determining a name for the project.

I was up to the challenge because I have seen first hand the quality of the work that Tower Press Development has done on other buildings, with the help of state historic preservation tax credit programs. My own Photography / Gallery space in Tower Press - Straight Shooter and Gallery 0022 - has been housed inside Tower Press for the past three years. The Perkowskis seem to thrive on the challenge of converting older, historical but deteriorating gems into amazing urban offices and swanky residential spaces - much like the Phoenix rising from the ashes! 

2320 Lofts will target CSU’s booming student community at first, realizing the shortage of beds from the school’s increased enrollment. Part of the history of the century old structure at the corner or East 24th and Superior includes a clothing factory called M.T. Silver, not unlike the Wooltex textile business inside Tower Press. I was over there just last week photographing some of the space still installing windows. I noticed the whole building is alive with activity. Each floor of the historic space is at different levels of development. When completed, the resulting apartments will provide students with a dramatic and unique student housing option!

Tower Press Development is also using its experience assembling a great team of investment and financing partners.

I feel the key to current promotion of 2320 Lofts is to showcase the Perkowski’s past craftsmanship. I have photographed several very similar residential spaces inside Tower Press. These photos will be used for 2320 Lofts marketing materials. Dave and Karen really know how to create great living spaces inside older historical buildings downtown. Just look at the work they have been doing until now! Visit to check out more about this landmark project. You can also call 216-923-0711 or e-mail for more information.

New housing units will be ready for occupancy in late December/early January, 2014.

Dan Morgan

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Volume 3, Issue 11, Posted 1:32 PM, 11.05.2013